Simple and Effective Virtual HR

Employee policy documents at your fingertips. Setting up an HR function for a new company never been this simple!


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Why use Virtual HR?

Documents right at your fingertips

All your companies vital HR Documents are part and parcel of an effective HR function. We have these ready for you to download, in an easy to follow systematic and structured order. All you need do is simply login to our Virtual HR platform and search.

Easy navigation, saving time

No need to guess or feel overwhelmed as the easy to navigate tabs will carefully guide you to the relevant document you need, accurately and fast.

Your own HR Function and More

We offer Industrial relations, payroll, marketing and equity document solutions. If you cannot locate a document then the system will direct you towards another solution or link you to one of our professionals. Virtual HR professionals are only a click away.

Your HR policy problems solved

We supply HR policies and employee handbook all in fully downloadable formats. You won’t need to guess the next step or be in the dark as to the legal course to take next. Virtual HR will guide you.

Fully Responsive

Virtual HR is fully responsive with all smart devices. Be on top of your game anywhere, anytime.